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     The incentives to hold gold and silver are based around uncertainty about global economic security and the stability of
     governments to withstand market forces beyond their control, whi is why so many people have turned to secure a portion of their
     assets into 'real money,' namely gold and silver.


     The US dollar continues to devalue and a paper note is simply a representation of money. eas precious
     metals are worth their weight, there is an actual substance backing it's worth. Since coins are collected by
     hobbyists worldwide, gold and silver often hold a numismatic value even higher than their face value.
     While the US dollar continues to lose it's value, the price of gold and silver is on the rise and becoming
     one of the most conveted treaures on the globe.


     Due to the recent collapse of banking and housing segments within the economy, people have seen their
     hard earned investments disappear. It is the time to take responsibility for your own welfare and invest
     wisely to secure your assets.


     The positive impact on prices from central banks is the first big reason to be invested in gold for the long-
     term. The increase in gold investments by central banks is the biggest annual demand in nearly 50 years.
     Last year, nearly 12% of the global demand for gold came from the central banks. This issignificantly
     higher than the five year average of 4% gold demand coming from central bankers previously. It's
     obvious that central banks are increasingly seeking refuge in gold in an environment where countries are
     working to devalue their respective currencies.


     Throughout history, gold has never reached a zero value, withstanding it's financial significance in spite of
     wars, depression, political uprising and natural disasters. There is not a single nation's currency that has
     lasted more than 200 years without being backed by gold.

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